Celebrating Film Achievements: Mykolaichuk OPEN Festival Honors Winners

The Mykolaichuk OPEN Festival announces winners of international and national competitions, featuring diverse films and special awards.

Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra Set to Thrill European Audiences with Second Tour

The Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra is set to perform at prestigious venues across Europe, including London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin.

Ukrainian talent and culture showcased in Eurovision 2023 grand final

Performances showcased the country's rich and diverse musical landscape, with past and present participants, creating a memorable show.

Swedish Experts Visit Ukraine to Study Ukraine’s Ancient Ships

Lars Amreus and Fred Hocker explored a Cossack boat, a Dnipro doubleship, a brigantine, and a 19th-century canoe.

Yuriy Nikitin Exhibition: Sacred Paintings in Ukraine

The "Prayer for Protection" exhibition showcases the paintings of Yuriy Nikitin in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, until May 18.

Ukrainian-Produced Films Triumph at Off Camera Festival

Two Ukrainian-produced films, "Do You Love Me?" and "Dad," have won awards at the Off Camera Independent Film Festival in Poland.

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