MunichOrganic Success: Ukrainian Organic Exporters Establish New Partnerships


Ukrainian organic exporters took part in the MunichOrganic international exhibition held on May 16-17. The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Organic Initiative and with financial support from the German-Ukrainian Cooperation in Organic Agriculture Project, organized a Ukrainian national organic stand.

Prospects for Ukrainian Organic Exports

Seven Ukrainian organic exporters actively participated in the exhibition, engaging in productive meetings and negotiations with importers and traders from Germany and other European countries. The event provided an excellent platform for Ukrainian exporters to showcase their products and establish new partnerships.

The “Catalog of Organic Exporters of Ukraine,” jointly created by the Business and Export Development Office and the Organic Initiative, played a vital role in promoting Ukrainian organic products. This catalog, distributed among the exhibition’s guests, featured detailed information about over 90 Ukrainian companies across 12 different product categories.

Ukrainian Organic Exporters Establish New Partnerships

The Ukrainian exporters’ participation in MunichOrganic exemplifies their commitment to expanding their reach in the international market. Olena Deyneko, the Organic Initiative Coordinator, emphasized the significance of such B2B events, stating that they provide valuable opportunities to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. Over 200 European importers actively engaged with Ukrainian exporters, fostering increased collaboration and trade prospects.

Sergiy Galashevsky, Director of Organic Standard, delivered a presentation on the export of organic products from Ukraine. He shared insights on the current export situation and addressed the audience’s questions. Additionally, Mr. Amos Ramsauer, the Director of GmbH Agriprotein and an exporter of Ukrainian organic products, shared his experience and expressed his wish to further develop cooperation with Ukrainian partners..

For the second consecutive year, the Ukrainian National Organic Stand has successfully represented the country’s agricultural producers at prominent international exchanges in Europe. These stands, organized by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and partner organizations, have played a pivotal role in promoting Ukrainian organic products on a global stage.

The success of Ukrainian organic exporters at MunichOrganic reinforces their commitment to sustainable agriculture practices and demonstrates their ability to meet the growing demand for organic products.

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