Intriguing Donation: Unknown Donor Leaves Sweets and Cash at Polish Orphanage

A handwritten note was found in the metal box saying: "Please don't be afraid. The package is a donation. Nothing dangerous."

British Veteran Conquers Ultra-marathon Across Tanzania to Support Veterans

She secured the 10th position among female participants. The five-day running challenge covered a distance of 250km.

Andre Onana, Inter Milan Goalkeeper, Travels to Cameroon to Support Children’s Charity

Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onana supports a charitable campaign in Cameroon, providing surgeries and medical care for children.

London’s H&K Cycle Club raised £128,000 for Charity, cycling from Makkah to Madinah

The money was spent to perform surgeries on 60 children at the Jakaya Kikwete Institute of Cardiology in Dar es Salaam.

Romanian Crypto-enthusiast Celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day by Buying 10,000 Pizzas for 1.01 Bitcoins

This extraordinary gesture could potentially secure a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest charity event ever.

NICU Nurse Adopts 14-Year-Old Teen Patient and all three of her children

A NICU nurse, Katrina Mullen, adopted her patient's triplets after fearing they would be put into foster care.

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