Intellectual Property for Content Creators

Creative content of all kinds must be protected from imitations and illicit copying. In this way LutinX blockchain is the right partner.

Creator Educators: How They’re Transforming The Online Learning Experience

Who Are Creator Educators? During the pandemic, more people ventured online than ever to work, study, shop, and communicate with friends and family. This led...

Ukraine Wins Green Product Award for Hemp Fur Coats

A Ukrainian brand DevoHemp, specializing in hemp fiber clothing, won the Green Product Award, which was held in Berlin.

Sportswear Brands Renounce the Use of Kenduguru Leather

Major sportswear brands, Puma and Nike, renounce the use of kenduguru leather and switching to greener alternatives

When Music Meets Fashion: The Best Musician-Shoe Collaborations

Music and fashion intersect. Shoe brands have collaborated with famous musicians to create limited edition sneakers.

Future moonwalkers to wear flexible spacesuits by Axiom Space

Axiom Space will design sleeker, more flexible spacesuits for NASA's moon landing, with greater protection and heat reflection

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