Intellectual Property for Content Creators

Creative content of all kinds must be protected from imitations and illicit copying. In this way LutinX blockchain is the right partner.

Germany’s Colonial Past: Restitution of Tanzanian Cultural Artifacts

Germany acknowledges its colonial history and works towards repatriation and restitution of cultural artifacts to Tanzania.

Restoring History: German museums hold 40,000 Cameroonian objects

German museums hold a significant number of Cameroonian objects, raising discussions on restitution and cultural heritage preservation.

Archaeologists discover 400-Year-Old Homo Sapiens’ Ancient Sewing Tool in Spain

Archaeologists found a 39,600-year-old tool used for sewing clothes made from a bone fragment from a herbivore.

Namibia Appoints Its First-Ever Female Justices To Its Supreme Court

In a historic milestone, Namibia has appointed three female judges to its Supreme Court. This is the first time the country has appointed top...

2,000-year-old Bamboo Slips reveal China’s Ancient Administrative System

Archaeologists found over 10,000 ancient bamboo and wooden slips at the more than 2,000-year-old Hebosuo Site.

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